Special Needs Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom isn't just about getting the newest look or making necessary repairs. For people with loved ones that have limited mobility or disabilities, bathrooms need to be made more accessible to accommodate their needs. Handibath wants to work with these families so their space can be comfortable and welcoming to people with limited mobility and give them a bathroom that delivers on style and function.

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Bathroom Remodel for Accessibility

Regular bathrooms simply don't accommodate people with limited mobility or disabilities. Showers and tubs are too high, and toilets and sinks are often too low. Your loved ones should have a bathroom that they can feel comfortable and safe using, which is where Handibath can help. We can upgrade bathrooms to be more accessible or even build an entirely new bathroom with your special needs loved one in mind. We believe that those who have compromised mobility and disabilities should have access to all the same necessities non-disabled people do, so we're committed to delivering on these services.

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Bath Renovation Options for Special Needs

Our team has developed comprehensive solutions for special needs bathrooms, all designed with greater accessibility in mind. We can add these features to your bathroom or change certain pre-existing features, so they meet your loved ones' needs. We're committed to making bathrooms more accessible, so we'll always work to accommodate the needs of you and your loved ones.

We offer options like:

  • Roll-in showers
  • Safety tubs
  • Shower grab bars
  • Removable shower heads
  • Push-pull sink handles
  • Adjusting the height of your sink or toilet
  • And more!

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Benefits Updating a Bathroom for Accessibility

Our services offer many benefits to you, but most importantly for your loved one. These upgrades aren't just necessary, but they can also be of long-term benefit to the homeowner. No matter what reason you have for making your bathroom more accessible, the team at Handibath can help.

Upgrading your bathroom for special needs users can:

  • Boost the value of your home: adding these specialty features can be a major selling point for future buyers.
  • Make your space easier to clean: If you're already caring for a loved one, having a space that's easier to clean will help you immensely.
  • Make it functional for all family members: The bathroom is a necessity for all family members, so making it accessible for all people in the home is ideal.
  • Give you peace of mind: Whether you're installing this feature for your elderly parents or a dependent with a disability, knowing they are safe in this space will give you a greater sense of peace.
  • Make your special needs loved one feel accepted: Common spaces like this are often not designed for people with disabilities or limited mobility. This bathroom will give them greater independence and a newfound sense of security that they deserve.

These are just some of the many benefits of making your bathroom special needs accessible.

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